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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 10 2002 7:04am
Subject:Re: PHP bias
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>  > > I am bothers me.
>>  > It bothers me that that the MySQL people have a bias towards PHP.
>>  > PHP is an inferior language. Deal with perl instead.
>>  >
>>  > ............................
>>  > Robert
>>  Ouch.....Death to all fanatics!!!
>>  Do you have any question or are you just boiling?
>It's just that MySQL and PHP integrate together so well. The authors of
>PHP have gone to great lengths to create extensive interfaces to a wide
>range of databases, not just MySQL. perl doesn't have anything like as
>much database support, which is why PHP has become popular in the web

I agree.  It's really a drag that you can't use databases very well from
within Perl very easily.  I wish that someone would invent a database
inferface for Perl.  And it'd be really cool if they'd do it in such
a way that the general interface was portable, so that you could plug
in drivers for particular database engines like MySQL or PostgreSQL or
Oracle or Informix or even flat-file formats like CSV.  And then it'd
be neat if someone would invent Perl modules to that would use this
database interface so that you could do things like transfer data in
and out of databases to send information to and from entities like
XML documents or Excel spreadsheets.

Man!  The more I think about it, the more of a bummer it is that
you just can't do this stuff from Perl.
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