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From:Mark Matthews Date:November 10 2002 3:24am
Subject:Re: JDBC Connection Pooling Not Quite Right?
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Rick Mann wrote:

> sql, query ... just to make the filter happy.
> on 11/8/02 2:30 AM, Alec.Cawley@stripped at Alec.Cawley@stripped
> wrote:
> >You are missing something, I am afraid. To quite Sun's Javadoc for the
> >PooledConnection class
> Thank you so much for the quick reply.
> Now I understand why the implementation of pooled connections seemed 
> so lame
> (why on earth did JDBC client code need to get a different kind of
> connection?).
> Strikes me that it's just as ridiculous that I have to implement the 
> pooling
> scheme. It would have made more sense to provide a reasonable pooling 
> scheme
> and allowed me to add my own, if I so desired.

Not in Sun's eyes. They figure (rightly or wrongly) that no one runs 
server-side Java outside of some application server. So they don't spend 
time specifying a 'standard' connection pool, because that's 'vendor' 
specific...instead they specify a contract between a JDBC driver and an 
application server to provide connection pooling.

On the other hand, you don't need to re-invent the wheel either. There 
is a lot of open source connection pooling code out there. The one I'm 
currently recommending (as it sees the most current development) is DBCP 
from the Apache Jakarta Commons project:

> In any event, thank you. Now I know how to fix the problem!
> >The Java list - java@stripped - would probaby be more appropriate
> >than the general list, but otherwise this is the right place.
> Perhaps that should be mentioned on the Connector/J pages...I had no idea
> such a list existed. Thanks!
I'll forward the request to our web team. It is mentioned at the bottom 
of the README for the driver, however :)

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