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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 8 2002 4:55pm
Subject:Re: Load (messy) data file
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At 9:39 -0600 11/8/02, Ray wrote:
>is there a way to have mysql skip columns from the data file when loading the

No.  You'll be better off preprocessing the file first (or use your
temp file approach; that'll work, too).

>i am getting a text delimited data file from an outside source that is
>updated daily.  however the data is defined as having 10 blank fields in it,
>and in the first 9000 records 7 more fields are just not used, and 1 field
>that is encrypted and useless to me. there are about 140 fields total in this
>i already could write an awk/sed script to clean up stuff, and its possible
>to use a temp_table as well and do a insert select as well.  but i'm
>wondering if there is a way in MySQL 3.23 to do this already. (if its built
>in, why hack it together with scripts?)
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Load (messy) data fileRay8 Nov
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