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From:Rick Mann Date:November 8 2002 10:19am
Subject:JDBC Connection Pooling Not Quite Right?
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Hi. I hope this is the right place to discuss this, now that the drivers are
part of the official MySQL stuff. If not, please let me know where I should
post this. Thanks.

I've been using the 2.0.14 version of the drivers, and just recently
switched to using the pooled connections supplied by JDBC 2.0. What I
noticed was that I'm still creating many connections. For example, I did an
operation in my web app that makes about 30 connections, and the number of
connections opened in MySQL (which I had just recently restarted) jumped
from 200 to 231.

So, I went digging through the JDBC code, and found that every time the
PooldedDataSource returns a new PooledConnection, with a new physical
Connection obtained from the non-pooled DataSource. No where can I find the
actual pool in which the pooledConnections are kept.

Am I completely missing something, and there some other thing I need to do,
or is this how it's supposed to be, or (most likely, I think), is there a
serious flaw in the MySQL JDBC drivers?



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