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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 7 1999 1:32pm
Subject:Re: Mysql 3-22.25-1 crashes on restart
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>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Z Ayers <eric@stripped> writes:

Eric> Thanks for the suggestions about upgrading libc or recompiling with
Eric> egcs.  I recompiled with gcc because the RPM broke and I suspected
Eric> something flaky about egcs!   I *really* think this is a bug in mysql, 
Eric> here's what we did to make it go away.  

Eric> mikec writes:
>> Eric,
>> I think I found the MySQL problem. I had an entry in the hosts database for
>> a database called 'TestPlan' and when I removed it the mysqld stopped dumping
>> core. 
Eric> ...

Eric> (there was no database named TestPlan)


We recently found a bug where a totally wrong entry in mysql.user
could force MySQL to dump a core (this has nothing to do if the
database exists or not).  If you can reproduce this in MySQL 3.22.26,
please mail me your mysql.user table so that I can test this!

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