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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 7 1999 1:16pm
Subject:Re: INSERT NOW() bug?
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>>>>> "Stan" == Stan P van de Burgt <stan@stripped> writes:

Stan> Hi Monty,
Stan> At 13:45 3-9-99 +0300, you wrote:
>> I can't reproduce this with MySQL 3.23.3 or 3.22.26
>> (Sorry, but that are my versions :( )
>> I will be away for the weekend, so I would appreciate if you could try
>> to debug this with gdb?  This could be a gcc bug !

Stan> Sorry Monty, we have the binary from cobaltnet running, so it's not 
Stan> possible to gdb it.

Stan> We tried to compile a newer version on the Cube, but that binary dumped 
Stan> core on start, probably due to a library problem. In the next week we'll 
Stan> try to recompile with newer versions of the libary and gcc.


On the Cube is that you MUST have the latest glibc library if you want 
to compile MySQL yourself!  (There was some thread issues that was
fixed very recently in glibc)

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