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From:dayo Date:September 7 1999 1:11pm
Subject:Synchronizing Database copies
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Is is possible to synchronize two copies of a database so that changes in
one are reflected in the other? If this is possible i would appreciate any
tips or pointers on how to achieve this

I have two copies of a database - A main version which is kept on a
desktop and a copy which I maintain on a laptop.  Both systems are running
mysql 3.22.25 on linux 2.2.12 based setups and connected by Ethernet

I am increasingly adding new entries to the database whilst on
the road.   What I would like is a system that passes any new additions on the Desktop
system to the Laptop and vice versa.  At the moment I am doing this by
hand which is becoming a bit of a chore.

I have had a look at a PERL script on the mysql website.  But that appears
to be useful for maintaining multiple copies of the same database ie:
                  Master -----------> Copies

What really need is a system for mirroring changes between the two ie:
                  Master <----------> Copies 

Any help would be gratefully received

Synchronizing Database copiesdayo7 Sep
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