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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 6 2002 4:26am
Subject:Re: Innodb group_home_dir & arch_dir
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At 21:36 -0600 11/5/02, Nicholas Gaugler wrote:
>I want to alleviate some activity from my drives by changing the
>group_home_dir & arch_dir variables for Innodb to a ram disk drive,
>/dev/shm/.  Other than loosing all transactions that were taking place
>during a box crash, are there any problems with this?  If the box crashes
>(which shouldn't happen) or I reboot the server, I will loose all of these
>files, Innodb should be able to re-create them with ease though, correct?

The logs contain the information necessary to recover from a crash.
If you put them in a RAM disk and you have a crash, you lose the
information necessary to recover from the crash.

InnoDB can create *new* log files after a crash, but I'm not sure your
tables will be in a consistent state.  And without the previous logs, it might
be difficult to put them in a consistent state.

>This should help speed transactions up and alleviate some activity on my
>over burden drives, I hope.  Does anyone have any valid input or problems
>with this situation?
>Thanks in advance,

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