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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 2 2002 2:24am
Subject:Re: NEWBIE: problems with mysql installation
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At 16:01 -0500 11/1/02, Eric.Pfeifer@stripped wrote:
>      I am relatively new to using MySQL and cannot understand why when I
>use mysqladmin or mysql client with any other id than root I get the cannot
>connect to local MySQL Server though socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock. Can
>someone tell me if it's a permission's problem or something else. My my.cnf
>file has the socket definition defined and mysql works fine for the root

It may be that the /var/lib/mysql directory isn't publicly accessible.
What are the permissions on that directory?

>I have installed MySQL 4.04 client and server on Linux 7.0
>Can someone tell me what I am missing?
>-Eric PFeifer

NEWBIE: problems with mysql installationEric.Pfeifer2 Nov
  • Re: NEWBIE: problems with mysql installationPaul DuBois2 Nov