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From:Kelly W [PCS] Black Date:October 31 2002 6:42pm
Subject:sql query
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I could use some advice on this query.

SELECT cell, sum(att) as att , sum(lc) as lc , sum(csh) as csh, 
ROUND((SUM( lc + csh ) * 100 ) / (SUM(att) - SUM(tccf + bpp + bpc + suf)),2)

AS drops, sum(tccf) as tccf, sum(bpp) as bpp, sum(bpc) as bpc, sum(suf) as
ROUND((SUM( tccf + bpp + bpc + suf) *100 ),2) / ROUND(SUM(att),2)
AS blocks, sum(mou) as mou, release FROM ss WHERE release=CURDATE()
AND (( cell=2 and sector=1) OR (cell=3 and sector=1))
GROUP BY cell ORDER BY hour;

It works fine. But I cannot figure out how to add the results together where

cell2 and cell3 are tallied together on one line. Any help with changing the
would be appreciated.

Thanks as ever!


Kelly Black

Linux was very clearly the answer, but what was the question again?

sql queryKelly W [PCS] Black31 Oct