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From:Paul DuBois Date:October 31 2002 4:24am
Subject:Re: Questions about logfile's suffix numbering.
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At 13:20 +0900 10/31/02, Chung Ha-nyung wrote:
>   I'v mailed about this question before and got no complete answer, so
>I'm asking
>   Victoria said that suffix number next to 999 will be 1000 but didn't
>mention about the
>limit of suffix. I'm wondering whether the suffix number always
>increases. That is, does
>not return to 000?

It always increases, unless you remove files at the top end of the

>   I'm making some perl script to handle, e.g. purge, move, etc, log
>files and cannot be
>sure that one log file is always prior to the one with larger suffix
>   I'm using MySQL 4.0.4beta.
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Questions about logfile's suffix numbering.Chung Ha-nyung31 Oct
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