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From:David Shields Date:October 30 2002 11:28am
Subject:Demo CD
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As promised WAY too long ago, the techniques and tools to create an Apache 
/ PHP / MySQL Demo CD are now available. I've made them available for 
download, with some documentation, on - please feel free to download 
and play.
Requires Spoon Installer (included in download), Apache / Mysql / PHP / 
Visual Basic 6 (blech).
Rules / Licence : No cost, no obligation, no warranty, no guarantee of 
fitness, usability or support. Do what you will with it.
Shower me with praise at david@stripped.
Criticisms to /dev/null. :o)
David Shields
Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

Demo CDDavid Shields30 Oct
Re: Demo CDJan Steinman30 Oct