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From:Chris Boget Date:October 28 2002 8:07pm
Subject:Re: InnoDB and auto_increment fields
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> > stored?  Why isn't this done automatically as it is for [ISAM] tables?
> As for the "why", I'm not a MySQL developer, but I believe the reason
> goes something like this: When ISAM tables were implemented, they did
> it the "wrong" way.  When other table types came along, they fixed
> this "bug" and do it the "right" way.

Ahh, ok.
Thanks for the info.
> You seem to disagree about which is better, but I believe the above is
> the explanation for the switch in behavior.

I really have no opinion as to which is "better".  Certainly, restarting on an
empty table automatically is easier.  But for reasons that you point out, 
depending on your application, it could lead to unforseen problems.


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