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From:Daniel L. Srebnick Date:October 27 2002 11:06pm
Subject:Security question
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In my mysql.db file, I have some lines like:

%.private | somedb | someuser  | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | N | Y  | Y  | Y

So, I have an internal domain called private, those hosts are in an
internal DNS, and can be reverse resolved.  The only way I can manage to
connect to "somedb" as "someuser" is to put the fully qualified hostnames
in the /etc/hosts file, eg.: somehost.private

For some reason mysql is not "seeing" the DNS resolution.  Yes, DNS is 
really working as verified with nslookup for both forward and reverse 

The version of mysqld I am running is:

/usr/libexec/mysqld  Ver 3.23.36 for redhat-linux-gnu on i386

Can someone provide some insight or suggestions?


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Security questionDaniel L. Srebnick28 Oct
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