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From:Jeff Mathis Date:October 25 2002 9:46pm
Subject:Re: Mysql Innodb performance slow
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forgive me.

i was initially using the perl DBI methods to load. I am not intimately
familiar with the inner workings of DBI, but obviously it must be doing
something if you say mysql does not support binding variables
(i am using 4.0.4). This is significantly faster than creating a new
prepared statement for every insert.

I'm now using JDBC, and havne't explored this yet. I'm coming from the
Oracle camp, and have only been using mysql for less than a month. so
far, i find it very snappy. I do miss the ability to have stored
procedures, triggers and views however.

Dan Nelson wrote:
> In the last episode (Oct 25), Jeff Mathis said:
> > I'll agree to this somewhat:
> >
> > (1) always bind your variables. whatever code you are using to do your
> > inserts, the fewer prepared statements you can make the better.
> >
> > for example:
> > insert into TableName (col1, col2, col2, col4) values (?,?,?,?)
> >
> > then, once you have a prepared statment, do a loop and insert.
> Note that mysql does not support bind variables.  If you think you're
> using them, whatever API you are using is filling them in before
> sending the statement to mysql.  Bind variables do solve quoting
> problems, though, so if you use them, know why you're using them :)
> --
>         Dan Nelson
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