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From:Jeroen Geusebroek Date:October 25 2002 7:47pm
Subject:RE: Mysql Innodb performance slow
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>What method are you using for inserting the data?

>Individual INSERTs can be very slow:
>	INSERT INTO foo (x, y, z) VALUES (1, 2, 3);
>	INSERT INTO foo (x, y, z) VALUES (4, 5, 6);
>	...

>Batch INSERTs can be massively faster:
>	INSERT INTO foo (x, y, z) VALUES (1, 2, 3), (4, 5, 6), ...;

You where right, what i did use indivudual inserts. Now I have it
segmented in 1000 rows in one query which massively speeds up the whole
inserting progress. 160K records now takes about 20 seconds instead of
the 100 records ;) I'm really impressed by this massive speed.

INSERT INTO foo VALUES (1,2,3,4,5) x 1000

That is what I use now.

One question though, does innodb use transactions standard? So without
the begin; and commit; statement, does it still use some kind of

Because still I don't understand why the isam table takes about 100
seconds for inserting 160K rows, while innodb takes 700 seconds. (using
individual inserts)



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> Subject: Mysql Innodb performance slow
> Hi There,
> We have currently an Interbase Database with millions and millions of
> rows which I would like 
> to migrate to MySQL if possible to increase the speed.
> Transaction support is necessary, so I am using innoDB.
> When inserting 160K rows in the database (in an innoDB table) it takes
> about 700! seconds
> while the amount of same rows when inserted in a myisam table 
> take about
> 100 seconds.
> Now probably this can be fine tuned (I hope), and would like 
> to ask for
> some suggestions.
> Is anybody using innodb with this amount of rows?  I'm curious of what
> the performance is.
> Is there something I should keep in mind when migrating?
> Kind regards,
> Jeroen Geusebroek
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