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From:Dyego Souza do Carmo Date:October 25 2002 3:43pm
Subject:Re: InnoDB and auto_increment fields
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Dobrý den,
sexta-feira, 25 de outubro de 2002, 14:26:05, napsal jste:

CB> sql, query (*sigh*, I hate this filter)

CB> I have an auto_increment key set up on my InnoDB table.
CB> Whenever I delete all the records, the number isn't reset.
CB> However, for my ISAM tables, whenever I delete all the 
CB> records, the auto_increment number is reset.
CB> Is there a reason for this in InnoDB?  Is there a way that I
CB> can reset the auto_increment number when all the records
CB> are deleted?  I have a temporary table that has records
CB> added and deleted all the time.  I wouldn't want the record 
CB> number to eventually reach the ceiling for the datatype of 
CB> the field.

CB> Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

CB> Chris

try exec this query:

alter table <TABLE_NAME> auto_increment = 0;

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