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From:Paul DuBois Date:October 25 2002 2:55am
Subject:Re: secure replication
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At 18:26 -0800 10/24/02, Lists @ Apted Technologies Inc. wrote:
>i am going to be setting up four mysql servers, three of which will
>replicate data off of the primary. i know that in more recent versions of
>mysql client/server communciations can be encrypted internally.  but is
>there any way to encrypt replication communcations between these mysql
>servers internally so i don't need to set up a vpn or ssl tunnel?  thanks

No.  mysqld --help shows --master-ssl, --master-ssl-key, and --master-ssl-cert
options, but they're placeholders at the moment and haven't been implemented.
(To be complete, the server needs --master-ssl-ca and --master-ssl-cipher
options as well anyway.)


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