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From:Erik Stewart Date:September 5 1999 10:07pm
Subject:Multi-table outer join query question
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I'm new to SQL.

I'm trying to create multiple table queries.  For example:

select * from
(marketers union join techs) 
left outer join companies on (companies.employee = name));

According to the SQL-book I'm using, this should print out all employees
whether they're company is known or not (actually this database shows
poor relational design, but that's another issue).

It seems MySQL doesn't support this syntax.  How can I put together a
request like this?

One thing I thought of was creating a temporary table with the first part
of the query and then doing a second query on the table.  Is this the
best way to do multiple table queries?

And how do I create a table with a query statement?


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Multi-table outer join query questionErik Stewart6 Sep
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