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From:Victoria Reznichenko Date:October 23 2002 12:28pm
Subject:re: bin files
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Wednesday, October 23, 2002, 1:12:34 PM, you wrote:

JT> I've been using mysql for a while now, but haven't yet been able to figure
JT> out what the
JT> <domainname>-bin.001, .002, .003, etc. files are listed in the /var
JT> directory.  They seem to get completely out of control sometimes (I usually
JT> go through and delete them daily - after deleting and re-creating about 4
JT> million entries, there were 3 bin files totalling almost 3 gigs...)

JT> What are these files exactly (i always figured they were some sort of log),
JT> why do they get so out of control with disk space, and is there any way i
JT> can get rid of them.  thanks!

It's a binary log files:

If you don't have binary update logs, you can just run MySQL server
without --log-bin option.

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