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From:Daevid Vincent Date:October 23 2002 12:13pm
Subject:RE: Remote Connectivity
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Well, you could have the Canadian admin add your pakistan IP
address/host to the "mysql" database in the "hosts" table, along with
the proper "user" and "db" I'm sure. Then you can use any 3rd party
mySQL client to connect and do whatever you want.

Something I just did recently is to install phpMyAdmin
( on the remote (canadian) server and use the
built in export feature. This feature is incredibly slick, it even
automatically .zip or .tgz the file for you and pushes it to you! The
compressed version is significantly smaller than the full version of the
.sql file. Then you simply login to your local mysql database (whichever
you choose) using the 'mysql' command line client and use the "\."
option to create the tables and all the data in one go from the
unarchived .sql file you just created. It worked flawlessly for me.

The other option is to have your ISP send (email/ftp) all the
/var/lib/mysql/mydatabase files (archived I assume), put them in the
same dir on your server, and restart mysqld.

> I have MySQL 3.23.36 on my web server somewhere in Canada, 
> while I live in Pakistan. I want to connetc to my database 
> out there and use a query to download all the data from that 
> mysql db to my own mysql db. 
> I know myql uses 3306 as the port and when i try telnet on my 
> own LAN it works fine, but out there it is not responding.

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