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From:Paul DuBois Date:October 23 2002 4:57am
Subject:Re: Making MySQL insecure on purpose...
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Start the server with --skip-grant-tables.  Than anyone can connect and
do anything.

At 20:32 -0700 10/22/02, Jim Hogan wrote:
>I have set up MySQl before and have done it "the right way" (I think!)
>My situation today?  I am setting up MySQL on a Linux machine with a 1394-
>attached 80GB drive for a 3-week project after which my setup will be
>thrown away.  Due to some software dependencies, this DB will need to be
>accessed by a Win2K box running MyODBC.  An isolated, 2-node network.
>Well, I am 90 percent of the way there, DB us running and accessible on
>localhost with phpMyAdmin, but (after 2-3 hours of wresting) MyODBC client
>still returns 1130 errors..."Unable to connect from host".
>Yes, I have looked through the docs and have made all changes to
>mysql:host/user that I could think of, have added "skip-name-resolve" to
>my.cnf options.
>Time is of the essence.  To short-circuit this particular problem and
>perhaps get on with my real work, I ask:
>Is there a set of CNF and mysql DB entries that I could implement that
>would assure that I have the *least* secure MySQL config possible?!?!?
>*Then* if I'm still getting 1130s and such, well, I'll just have to
>troubleshoot some more!!

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