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From:Jan Steinman Date:October 22 2002 9:15pm
Subject:Re: "Calendar" database
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>From: "Richard Clarke" <ric@stripped>
>What use are these other products to him if his calendar is part of a bigger
>application? What's he gonna do, plonk his
>instance into the middle of his current application?

Sure! Why not? That's exactly what I did! By separating data from action, database-based
software exhibits low coupling, and is more suitable for re-use than (for example)
flat-file code.

I think it was George Bernard Shaw who said, "Good authors borrow, great authors steal."

>why is someone posing a question to the mysql list about
>something barely related to mysql?
>do it yourself first then ask for help.

Gee, Ric, forget to take your anti-rude pill this morning? :-)

The original poster asked about

> > >the structure of a sql
>"Calendar" database.

I pointed out numerous examples of MySQL-based calendars that the poster could look at for
examples. I don't see how that is "barely related to mysql."

And since you're so concerned with traffic on this list, will you please trim quotes,
instead of mindlessly including everything anyone has ever written on the topic, including
all the stuff that you considered "barely related?" :-)


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