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From:Ed Carp Date:October 22 2002 9:03pm
Subject:RE: connecting to remote server
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> > >If I type the following at the command prompt, in this
> example I'm using
> > >username for the user name,  and for the IP address
> > >(although I use real values)
> > >
> > >mysql -h -u username -p
> > >
> > >it asks for my password then goes off and thinks for a while before
> > >coming back with:
> > >
> > >ERROR 2003 - can't connect to MySQL server on 'ip address'  (port)

1. Try to telnet to port 3306 on the server.  Do you get any response at
all?  If it doesn't connect, either MySQL isn't running or it's not enabled
remote connections.  If it connects but just sits there and doesn't give
you back a few bytes of junk, you have a different problem ;)

2. If you can connect and get garbage, you'll have to get on the server
itself (or gain access to the server as a privileged user) to do anything

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