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From:dreamwvr Date:September 5 1999 3:04pm
Subject:mysqladmin help?
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   my root password has been corrupted on mysql and was hoping 
someone knew what file to clear to change the password or start
fresh as passwd is not being accepted:-() originally i created
my password with the command:
#mysqladmin -u root password 'thepassword'
that went just fine.. but when i attempt to access my writing 
user with a :
mysqladmin -u root -p 'thepassword' it ACCESS_DENIES me:-{
so since i am real new to myswl i would like to just for 
instance cp /dev/null the password file for mysql and start
over to make certain that i have not inadvertently entered 
a wrong password for the admin user for mysql..
well that is about it. thanks and real excited about checking 
this SQL out!
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