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From:Jan Steinman Date:October 22 2002 6:54am
Subject:Re[2]: Same syntax on MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server
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>From: Christian Reichenbach <christian_reichenbach@stripped>
>>>>We encountered that MySQL (or MyODBC) uses different
>>>>quoting characters for legal names and strings.
>>>BSJ> Well, let's put it this way : tables names between
>>>BSJ> square brackets only exists in Microsoft!
>>>That might be right, but this is how Microsoft works.
>JS> <flame>I'm sorry, but I am VEHEMENTLY opposed to such arguments!...

>You've a very radical position.

I sent Christian private email, apologizing for my vehemence! But I stand by my argument.

>We've thousands lines of code and hundreds of users. I can gurantee
>that some users insist on a MS solution. Not all, but some.
>If we break MS support we will loose customers (and a lot of time) and
>it's harder to get new.

So it looks like a choice:

1) Have conditions in YOUR code that selects between buggy, non-standard Microsoft code
and industry standard SQL, or

2) Make everyone pay the penalty, by saddling MySQL with either the compile-time #ifdefs
or the run-time code that selects between standard MySQL or non-standard Microsoft crap.

Most researchers agree that the majority of cost of code comes in maintenance -- as much
as 70% of the total life-cycle cost. I, for one, would rather see that effort go into
making MySQL better, rather than go into maintaining a bunch of glue code for a
non-standard vendor who will undoubtedly change it once again if they feel they have the
whole world by the short hairs.

> >>>And I think, I am not the only one who will like it.
>JS> But please understand, there are those of us who will DISLIKE it!

Because of the considerable added effort of life-cycle costs of maintaining such code.
I've done a lot of code maintenance, and endless strings of #ifdefs (or even if{}'s ) is
no fun to maintain. Microsoft's hidden agenda ("embrace, embellish, extinguish" -- it's
official court record) is to turn the competition's code into spaghetti, increasing their
maintenance costs and reducing their stability! DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT!

>In the end, only 5% of our customers would accept pure Linux solutions,
>because other needed software is only available for Windows.

Then create a sepanate, standards-compliant version for those 5%. Like I said, a few lines
of Perl should be all it takes to convert Microshaft pseudo-SQL into real,
standards-supported SQL!

In any other context, this argument would be simply silly. "Everyone should have roads
that enable you to drive on either the right or the left, because the global superpower of
the 18th century drives on the right, even though the standard is to drive on the left."

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