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From:Paul DuBois Date:October 22 2002 2:58am
Subject:Re: SHOW question
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At 17:06 +0200 10/21/02, Fabio Checconi wrote:
>I'm writing a program using the C API. When I do a query "SHOW TABLES" am
>I sure that on every installation it will return a result set of one
>column containing the tables name, or there are systems where that's not
>true ?
>Am I sure that from a "SHOW FIELDS FROM table" i'll get a result set with
>the column name in the first field and the type in the second (with other
>info on other fields) ?

It sounds like you're not sure at all. :-)

But to answer what I suspect you're asking:

- The output of SHOW TABLES always contains a single column.
- The output of SHOW FIELDS always contain columns names and types in
   the first two columns.

Note the that output may consist of no *rows*, but that's what the columns
are used for.
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