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From:Martin Ramsch Date:September 5 1999 2:51pm
Subject:Re: escaping characters in date format?
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On Sun, 1999-09-05 00:04:02 -0600, Jesse wrote:
> Although there doesn't seem to be any documented (for 3.21.29-gamma
> for Win32) escapes for the date_format function format string, would
> there be a way to easily include, say, "at" in the format without
> having the 'a' changed into its corresponding format value?  "\"
> doesn't seem to work...

I don't think you can do this with MySQL V3.21.x oder V3.22.x, but for
V3.23.x the Manual says:

| Formats the date value according to the format string. The following
| specifiers may be used in the format string:
|  %M   Month name (January..December) 
|  %W   Weekday name (Sunday..Saturday) 
|  %%   A literal `%'. 
| All other characters are just copied to the result without
| interpretation.
| As of MySQL 3.23, the % is required before a format specifier
| characters. In earlier versions of MySQL, % was optional.

So I guess starting with MySQL V3.23.x you can do what you want ...

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