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From:Christian Reichenbach Date:October 21 2002 11:36pm
Subject:Re[2]: Same syntax on MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server
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Hi Jan,

>>>We encountered that MySQL (or MyODBC) uses different
>>>quoting characters for legal names and strings.
>>BSJ> Well, let's put it this way : tables names between
>>BSJ> square brackets only exists in Microsoft!
>>That might be right, but this is how Microsoft works.

JS> <flame>I'm sorry, but I am VEHEMENTLY opposed to such arguments!
JS> As revealed in court documents, Microsoft's official strategy
JS> toward standards is "embrace, embellish, extinguish." That same
JS> court found Microsoft guilty of illegal monopolistic actions -- a
JS> finding that that has withstood appeal.

JS> That sort of attitude is an invitation to let Microsoft take over
JS> standards. And when they accomplish that, they will change them
JS> every now and then, just as a way to kill off effective
JS> third-party resistance, like MySQL! Just look what they tried to
JS> do to Java, until a court injunction stopped them!  

JS> So, if you VALUE alternatives such as MySQL, then do what is right
JS> and port your non-standard code on your own time! MySQL did not
JS> make you put the non-standard square brackets in your code, so  
JS> why should they be responsible for "fixing" your "broken" code?</flame>
You've a very radical position. Maybe this is the wrong place for such
a discussion and maybe my english isn't well enough, but I'll try it.
We've thousands lines of code and hundreds of users. I can gurantee
that some users insist on a MS solution. Not all, but some.
If we break MS support we will loose customers (and a lot of time) and
it's harder to get new. I think, if we can offer both, there's a high
probability, that many customers will turn to mySQL because of the costs.
MySQL s a great thing but I cant't recommend it, if we loose MS

>>Quoting like Micrsofot should not become standard, but an option.
JS> That sounds like an excellent job for a third-party tool, NOT
JS> something to be built-in to MySQL! Why don't you get started
JS> building it, Christian? Sounds like a few lines of Perl code. I'm
JS> sure the MySQL team would be willing to make it available to
JS> others after you build it.    
JS> That's the best of all worlds: people can use your tool if they
JS> need it, MySQL will not be encumbered with maintaining even more
JS> #ifdefs, and you will be a hero. Get working on it!
In my opinion ths tool is called MyODBC. Everyone who wants to migrate
slightly must use ODBC (or ADO).
We're already using classes for SQL translating, but only for
reporting and other third party tools. It's hell!
I think a runtime option for MySQL (not compiler option) would be
adequate. Perl won't do it.

>>>And I think, I am not the only one who will like it.
JS> But please understand, there are those of us who will DISLIKE it!
It must be a great pleasure to convince MS useres.
MySQL has the power. And it must be VERY open to get a lot of
more developers. And you must remember, developers don't pay much.
The end user pays. So you must get more developers! And it's much more
easy to say you've an alternative.

JS> Competition is good. Standards are good. Microsoft: Just Say No.
That's too easy. I think they made some great stuff (their office is
unbeatable), and I don't like their proceeding as well (e.g. I'm using
'The Bat!' and LaTex), but the end user isn't interested in it.

In the end, only 5% of our customers would accept pure Linux solutions,
because other needed software is only available for Windows.

What the hell we can do. Only coexist! And get more and more of their



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