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From:Hammons Randy G SSgt 612 ACOMS/SCXX Date:October 21 2002 7:47pm
Subject:RE: how do you define a relationship?
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Unfortunately this goes well beyond the scope of my original question.
Although the inputs that you all have provided thus far have been a very
good read, I still don't grasp the concept of defining a relationship.  Is
it simply referring to a primary key in a field other than the one where the
key was defined?  Or is there some other way to define a key that I don't
see?  All I'm looking for is a simple example, syntax excerpt, etc...that
shows me (only the "slow learner" level) exactly how to define a

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Subject: RE: how do you define a relationship?

>From: "Arthur Fuller" <afuller@stripped>
>Unfortunately that oversimplifies the situation. A least a few movies have
>more than one director.

My motto: "Generalize for the norm; specialize for the exception."

The vast majority of movies have but one director. And I suspect that movies
with multiple directors have but one who is primary.

Keep a single director field, with a second NULL FULLTEXT field for
additional directors. The NULL test for the normal case is much cheaper than
what you have to go through by assuming that ALL movies have multiple

This is how books are handled in large databases. Each has a primary author,
and may contain secondary authors. There is no assumption that large numbers
of books have multiple, equal authors.

This way, you can easily and conveniently list multiples as "Speilberg (et.
al.)" without doing joins. An interested browser can then go further to find
out who the others are. In the other case, each request for a director
requires a JOIN.

Of course, your particular application may be director-centric, like if
you're building a special database to support research on directors. But if
it's just a general-purpose movies database, why bog the whole thing down
just to suit a few exceptional cases?

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