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Subject:help with complex queries
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well i have form whihc when sybmitted will search the DB ans spit out the result. 

                        I have 5 input fields which have two 'states'. 

                        1) Check DB for a specific item. 
                        2) check for all items for that column. 

                        lets say the five variables are 
                        $country - check for all countries or specific country. 
                        $item: check for new items or new and old items. 
                        $ownership: checks for private or dealer item. 
                        $brand: checks for a particular brand or some any brand. 
                        $option: checks for all options or a particualr option. 

                        now building the mysql query with ifs statement (in php) is fine
except that there are a   combination 5 items. Which means thata the quesry is very large
SInce i have check the state for each item and for that partiucualt combo of the states of
each item a particular query is  executed. simple enuf right? THe problem being there too
many if statement since i am checking for   all possible combinations and too many mysql
querys (for each if statetment 1 query). 

                        I would like to know if things could be made simpler but with the
same power of having all posisble combos and not restricting user. For example i could ask
the user to check only one brand and one  option at a time rather than giving him the
option of cheking all brands with all options..but i dont   want to do that since it just
isnt logical. 

                        I guess i am looking for soem guidnace of how to actually create
the query so that the user could  get the same powerful searching facility and my life
would also become a lot simpler with simple coding technique

                        SInce the combinations of 5 variables would give me i think
20-25(guessing) different if statements  with eqaul number of sql queries.  Some guys who
have had experience with complex searches could really be a godsend and who could   help

                        The quesry is done by joining two tables and then pulling out the
relvant info form them. I can do  the joining part and stuf..just want ot know if there is
a easiar method in mysql for complex searches with mulitples variable states. 

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