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From:Paul DuBois Date:October 19 2002 11:41pm
Subject:Re: First time MySQL user needs help using/understanding
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At 17:28 -0400 10/19/02, Paul Melia wrote:
>I am newbie to MySQL and I having some problems transferring my 
>existing data to MySQL. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
>I started by exporting certain fields from Filemaker 5.5 to a 
>comma-separated .txt file. I then opened the file in BBedit, deleted 
>duplicates and made other adjustments (like sorting the output 
>properly) and then saved the file (with unix line breaks).
>I then opened a Terminal on a my Mac running OS 10.2.1 and issued 
>the following command:
>mysqlimport -v omomain /Users/paul/Desktop/omostuff/csv_files/aproducer.txt
>This is what I got in return:
>Connecting to localhost
>Selecting database omomain
>Loading data from SERVER file: 
>/Users/paul/Desktop/omostuff/csv_files/aproducer.txt into aproducer
>mysqlimport: Error: Can't get stat of 
>'/Users/paul/Desktop/omostuff/csv_files/aproducer.txt' (Errcode: 
>13), when using table: aproducer
>I have tried other permutations that I have found at 
>and at and but I keep encountering the "Error: Can't get 
>stat of '/Users/paul/Desktop/omostuff/csv_files/aproducer.txt' 
>(Errcode: 13), when using table: aproducer"

% perror 13
Error code  13:  Permission denied

This means the server can't read the file.  Most likely the permissions
you have on it don't allow other users to read it, and the server probably
runs as a different user than you.  You can either make the file world
readable, or use the --local option to have the client send the file to the
server over the connection.

I'm assuming the server is on the same machine; if it's not, only the
--local approach will work.

>The table exists, the database exists, and the spelling is correct 
>so I am stumped.
>All files, servers and the Terminal  are on the same machine. 
>(nothing is remote)
>The version of MySQL I am running is: 3.23.46
>Any help is greatly appreciated!
>Paul Melia

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