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From:Ed Carp Date:October 16 2002 5:56pm
Subject:RE: about use Dev-cpp and C++
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sql, query

> But it would be so nice to write:
> MySQLConn DB = new MySQLConn ('host', 'port');
> DB.Login('user', 'pass');
> MySQLTransaction X = new MySQLQuery(DB);
> // STL-derived slist:
> MySQLResults Results = X.Query("...");
> // STL map:
> map Row;
> while (Results.NextRow(Row)) {
>     cout << "ID: " << Row["ID"] << ", Value: " <<
> Row["Value"] << endl;
> }
> ... PS, anyone seen such an API? :)

How about:

OpenDatabase(host, database, user, pass);
OpenRecordset("select * from blah");
while(RecordsetEOF() != EOF)
printf("ID: %d Value: %s\n", GetField("ID"), GetField("Value"));

Look for MyC on - if you can't find it, email me directly.  The most recent
version supports nested SQL, too.  The
Escapade server-side programming language is built on top of MyC.
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