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From:Andrew Kuebler Date:October 16 2002 1:40am
Subject:How many columns does MySQL Support?
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Two questions:

1) How many columns does MySQL support per table?

2) Is it just as fast with Mysql to access 10 fields in a table with 10
columns as it would be to access those same 10 fields among let's say 90
other fields in a 100 column table? Would speed only be reduced if I
pulled a query on all 100 columns in the last mentioned table to only
then extract the 10 I needed locally within my program? I hope that
makes sense to someone out there and you understand what I'm trying to
say.. I have a table I need to build with about 300 columns and I'm
concerned about performance issues, however, I would only extract from
the table what I need, not all 300 at one time. I'm curious if it's
better overall to find a way to break-up the table into smaller separate
tables and keep track of which table contains the information I'm
looking for within my program, but I can see that being a 'bit of a

Any help or input is appreciated. Thanks!
Best Regards,
Andrew Kuebler
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