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From:Egor Egorov Date:October 14 2002 11:56am
Subject:re: High load with "cleaning up" status
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Hello Mike,

Saturday, October 12, 2002, 5:41:11 AM, you wrote:

MZ> Recently our DB, which is running MySQL 3.23.52, started experiencing
MZ> intermittant load spikes, of the magnitude of 200+ load averages. Normally, 
MZ> our high spike is about 0.90 load. When this starts happening, we notice a 
MZ> lot of processes "cleaning up" within the database. Can someone clue me in 
MZ> as to what cleaning up means, and what the possible cause of this is?

Sure, we can.

Please tell us:

- what is the exact mysql version running (build)
- how MySQL is configured
- how does the table looks like (structure/type/properties)
- what is the hardware
- what are the OS details

MZ> Mike Zimmerman 

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