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From:Paul DuBois Date:October 14 2002 2:37am
Subject:Re: Problems with local-infile
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At 22:57 -0400 10/13/02, Edward C. Jones wrote:
>I have installed mysql-3.23.52 as part of the Gentoo Linux 
>distribution. I am accessing MySQL via mysql-python AKA MySQLdb 
>which calls the MySQL C API. During testing I start MySQL using 
>"safe_mysqld" and shutdown MySQL using "mysqladmin -u root 
>--password=xxxxxxxx shutdown".
>When I do a "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE" via MySQLdb, I get the 
>well-known error message 1148: "The used command is not allowed with 
>this MySQL version". What is the default for 3.23.52?
>If I put "local-infile=1" in the [safe_mysqld], [mysqld] and [mysql] 
>groups in "my.cnf", I can start and stop mysqld. If I add the option 
>to [client], I can start mysqld, but the shutdown gives the message:
>      mysqladmin: unrecognized option `--local-infile=1'
>In both cases the "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE" fails.
>I would prefer to fix this problem by modifying "my.cnf". Do I use 
>the "local-infile" option? Where does it go in my.cnf?

[mysql] and [mysqld] groups.

Don't put it in [client], because it doesn't apply to all clients.
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