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From:Steve Edberg Date:October 12 2002 1:13am
Subject:Re: padding field with zeros
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See the ZEROFILL column attribute:

If necessary, you can use an ALTER TABLE command to add that 
attribute to the appropriate columns.

	- steve

At 10:11 AM -0700 10/11/02, Bryan Koschmann - GKT wrote:
>Does MySQL provide for any way to "pad" a field? I have accounts numbers
>that vary from 3-5 digits, and would like them 8 digits padded by zeros
>(479 becomes 00000479, 17234 becomes 00017234, etc). I know I could
>probably write a script to fix that before entering the data into the
>database, but I just wanted to know. Or maybe there is a way to pad it
>while doing the query select?
>	Bryan

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