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From:Paul DuBois Date:October 11 2002 9:06pm
Subject:Re: Alternative for NOT EXISTS
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At 10:10 -0400 10/11/02, Michael T. Babcock wrote:
>John Ragan wrote:
>>try corereader.  it will run queries against your mysql, oracle, 
>>and ms sql server (and anything else laying around).  you can 
>>switch between your servers with a click.
>Am I the only one getting tired of these non-SQL related advertising 
>responses?  Feel free to put this in your tagline or something, but 
>please actually bother to answer the question or be otherwise useful 
>to the poster instead of _only_ advertising a product in every post.

I agree.  The product is free, which is a plus, but since these numerous
responses don't answer the questions posed, it'd be more appropriate
for John to reply onto to the poster rather than to the list.

>Michael T. Babcock
>C.T.O., FibreSpeed Ltd.

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