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From:webmaster Date:September 3 1999 8:14am
Subject:Re: MySQL - replication over the net?
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From: Paul <forte1@stripped>
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Date: Thursday, September 02, 1999 10:04 AM
Subject: MySQL - replication over the net?

>Is there any replication scheme for mySQL?
>I need to update small amount of data from in-house application with our
>central web-database, but I am not sure if this is possible to do over the
>Internet without going through the web site..
>I need to implement this for 100 users..(it is one-way replication - only
>to the main server). The application is Win based
>Thank you for any suggestions 

Hi Paul,

I've just finished writing a system to synchronise tables on a LAN and
web database; it is both ways, and uses ftp through a standard dial-up
I was thinking of generalising the system to make it possible to
replicate tables across different databases (especially, MySQL) between
LAN and web.

You could do the same using Perl scripts on the server end to import
data sent via ftp - methinks !


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