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From:Stefan Kuss Date:October 8 2002 6:04pm
Subject:Re: Remote Connection Probem
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Thanks for your response.
I tried to connect to the server via telnet as you suggested with the
following result.

    telnet my.machine.ip 3306

    Trying my.machine.ip...
    Connected to my.machine.ip.
    Escape character is '^]'.
    Connection closed by foreign host.

Is this the behaivior I should expect, or am I correct to assume that the
remote host should not terminate the connection.
Somebody else on this list reported having the exact same problems after an
upgrade from Redhat 7 to Redhat 8 in response to my post.
Any more ideas of what could be wrong?

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Subject: Re: Remote Connection Probem

> Try this
> telnet yourmachine 3306
> If you do not get something like
> Trying yourmachine
> Conneced to yourmachine
> Escape character is '^]'.
> (then sits there on a blank line)
> Your port is not open,
> Ron
>>I am running MySQL 3.23 on Redhat 8.0. I can connect to MySQL from the
>>machine without any problem and I created a user with remote login
>>privileges. Trying to connect to it from another machine (on the same
>>network as well as the same subnet) gives "ERROR: 10061 Connection to
>>server failed." I have no problems connecting to the linux machine via
>>ftp, and ssh and a port scan shows that MySQL is infact running on the
>>remote machine (default port 3306). Has anyone heard of similar problems
>>an idea of how to solve this?

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