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From:Jeff Bluemel Date:October 6 2002 4:29pm
Subject:RE: myodbc prolbems between linux & windows
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I found the following statement in my mysql.server script, and I changed it
back to default...  (the howto at had me put this in, and I had
forgotten about it)

$bindir/safe_mysqld --datadir=$datadir --pid-file=$pid_file  --bind-address= &

      $bindir/safe_mysqld --datadir=$datadir --pid-file=$pid_file &

now when I try to connect I get the following error message when I an
initially trying to connect to the table;    Lost connect to MySQL server
during query

linux box is and my win2k box is and
this is the permissions that I have granted.

Host             Db              User
192.168.0.    ntsmaster     mysql  (all privileges selected)

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From: John Jacques
To: Jeff Bluemel
Sent: Saturday, October 05, 2002 6:26 PM
Subject: Re: myodbc prolbems between linux & windows

Ha, I don't recall either, but I used it all the time when I ran  a linux
server. I think it is nets, or netstat, or netstats

then there are options like netstat -u  or -n and such.

man netstat

I think it is netstat.

Jeff Bluemel wrote:

John - let me ask a stupid quesiton - I cannot remember the command to pull
that up.  I thought it was net stats, but that command is not recognized on
my linux box...

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From: "John Jacques" <j.jacques@stripped>
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Sent: Friday, October 04, 2002 4:50 PM
Subject: Re: myodbc prolbems between linux & windows

do you mean What is the IP address of the Linux box? Is the
Linux box listening for connections and on the same port # that Windows
is trying to connect to? It's on an internal network, so what is the IP
of the linux box and do you have that AND the port # in the ODBC
connection information?

So, the 1st step is to check the net stats on the linux box and verify
that it is listening on that port and you are using the correct IP
address to connect to.


Jeff Bluemel wrote:

I had gotten some feedback on this, but I still do not have enough
information on this to resolve it.

the initial thoughts & comments I got from people the believed it was a
connectivity problem.  this is on an internal network.  the linux box has
shared drives I use all day everyday with no problems, telnet between the


ftp, web applications.  there is no firewall or restrictions between the


computers, and I can connect to mysql on the localhost (which is the



I am using the myodbc driver.  I am completely stuck on this, and I


figure out how to resolve this.

I have mysql on a linux box (IP, and I've got a windows 2000
box that I am trying to connect to with with odbc.  I am getting the
following error message

[MySQL AB][MyODBC] ERROR : Can't connect to MySQL server on

Jeff Bluemel

Jeff Bluemel

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