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From:Richard Reina Date:March 30 1999 11:15pm
Subject:Re: Is there a MySQL for Dummies Book?
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I believe that I have successfully installed MySQL -- Monty, thank you
very much for your help.  

However, after I have started MySQL with the safe_msqld & command I get
the following message:

mysqladmin:connect to server at 'localhost' failed
error:Can't connect to local MySQL server(2)'
Check that mysqld is running and that the
socket:'var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' exists!

Does anyone have any idea what this means and how I can correct it?

Sorry, to bother everyone with what is probably a simple problem -- I'm
just trying to get on board with MySQL, because I hate Windows and I am
concerned about the long term implications of staying in DOS. 

Any help would be appreciated.



Michael Widenius wrote:
> >>>>> "Richard" == Richard Reina <Richard@stripped>
> writes:
> Richard> I was having some problems starting MySQL, so decided to reinstall it.
> Richard> First, I went and deleted all the old files -- including the ones in
> Richard> /var/lib/mysql...
> Richard> When I tried to reinstall -- using rpm -i -- I got a message saying it
> Richard> was already installed.  However, when I tried to fire it up it gave me
> Richard> an error message asking me to check for a .socks file in var/lib/mysql,
> Richard> which I of course deleted.  Now, I'm lost as to how to reinstall.
> Richard> Any suggestions on how I might reinstall MySQL would be greatly
> Richard> appreciated.  Sorry, to waist everyone's time on such a simple question.
> Richard> Special thanks to Ed Carp and David Bruha who tried to provide help by
> Richard> explaining that I had the wrong path.  You guys were right.
> Richard> Unfortunately, I didn't figure it out until it was too late and I had
> Richard> embarked on a silly mission of deleting what appear to have been
> Richard> perfectly good files.
> Hi!
> use:
> rpm --erase --force mysql
> (Check with man rpm)
> and after this you should be able to reinstall.
> Regards,
> Monty
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