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From:Jeff Bluemel Date:October 4 2002 9:36pm
Subject:myodbc prolbems between linux & windows
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I had gotten some feedback on this, but I still do not have enough
information on this to resolve it.

the initial thoughts & comments I got from people the believed it was a
connectivity problem.  this is on an internal network.  the linux box has
shared drives I use all day everyday with no problems, telnet between the 2,
ftp, web applications.  there is no firewall or restrictions between the 2
computers, and I can connect to mysql on the localhost (which is the linux

I am using the myodbc driver.  I am completely stuck on this, and I cannot
figure out how to resolve this.

I have mysql on a linux box (IP, and I've got a windows 2000
box that I am trying to connect to with with odbc.  I am getting the
following error message

 [MySQL AB][MyODBC] ERROR : Can't connect to MySQL server on

Jeff Bluemel

Jeff Bluemel

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