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From:Franz Alt Date:October 3 2002 2:00pm
Subject:OT: Reply-Adress in this list
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I use some mail-lists for mysql, php and security with Outlook Express.

When I "reply", some lists set their list-adress automatically, some the
adress of the person originally posting. The second version may not so good
IMHO, because I think so many replies are not going to the lists.
mysql++ and mysql do not automatically reply to the list
mysql-de does.

I think the a big Problem with the first solution are some autoresponders
which may "spamming" mainling lists.

I'm not a freak in mailservers, but maybe others know if there's a better

Maybe I can configure my Outlook Express better?


OT: Reply-Adress in this listFranz Alt3 Oct
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