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From:Micheal Mc Evoy Date:September 2 1999 7:08pm
Subject:Re: Fwd: Accounting systems
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On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, freetips wrote:

>Thanks to everybody who responded to my message!
>Just small question: does somebody know some REALLY working accounting or inventory
> system on LAN (not via Internet)??? - where server is MySQL.
>Because I have feeling that MySQL is used only with regards to Internet.

While I haven't written a heavy duty accounting system, i do use MySQL
for my client accounting and billing system.
It works quite well for what i need.

I find that MySQL works as well in many situations as Oracle, better in
some because of it's size and use of non-proprietary communications.
I am currently developing an address verification system using USPS data
loaded into MySQL (37,047,661 rows) and it is not web based.  It works
just fine.


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