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From:Alex Safonov Date:October 1 2002 5:40pm
Subject:Store pictures in DB (load_file() revisited)
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just saw a message with an example of inserting a BLOB
value using load_file(). Can't get load_file() to

mysql> select load_file('/home/alex/post.html') from
| load_file('/home/alex/post.html') |
| NULL                              |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

/home/alex/post.html exists, is small (~1k) and
world-readable. load_file() still returns NULL. Same
if I try to insert an existing file into a table.

I am on Linux 2.4.10 (SuSE), MySQL 3.23.52.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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Store pictures in DB (load_file() revisited)Alex Safonov1 Oct
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