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From:Jan Steinman Date:October 1 2002 5:25pm
Subject:RE: FileMaker Pro Schema Export?
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>From: "Chuck Payne" <cepayne@stripped>
>Question are you want to take your data from Filemaker to Excel?

No, I want to just go from FileMaker to MySQL, period. Forever. End of story.

<rant>I'm tired of paying "FileMaker Tax" every year. (The version upgrade went from
$149 to $199 this year.) I'm tired of fighting my way through endless sequences of modal
dialogs, to do something that should be one line of SQL. I'm tired of the high-cost (and
subsequent "upgrade churn") of third party tools that are necessary for things as trivial
as parsing strings or putting up custom dialogs. I'm tired of the baroque and
resource-hungry way you have to put live content on a website.</rant>

After spending several days searching for something on the Internet, I spent a whole day
trying to make a general solution. I now have a script that will generate a skeleton
CREATE TABLE command that I then go tune up by hand.

My script traverses the table for each Text or Number column, and attempts to dimension it
properly based on data in the table. I then go back and change some VARCHARs to TEXT, INTS
to other numerics as needed, etc. and add PRIMARY KEY, KEY, and FULLTEXT statements

It's still quicker to simply key-in schemas for smaller tables, but this has helped port a
few really wide tables. The next task is to chop those into suitable 2nd normal form bits
that can be JOINed as needed... :-(

I'd post the script here, except you need an expensive third-party plug-in to get textual
scripts IN or OUT of FileMaker! :-(

I'd be glad to import the script into an empty database for anyone interested. Since
FileMaker doesn't have variables, you'll have to add a few globals to your table to make
it work.

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