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From:Luc Foisy Date:September 30 2002 1:24pm
Subject:RE: Replication question
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That would be a great way to keep your website up to date.
The slave can handle loss of connection (though some data may not make sense if part of it
is missing), and resume where it has left of previously. 
Or you could also manually start and stop the slave process when you know there is a live

 As long as you are not modifying the slave database, that could cause problems.
Some people have successfully looped thier replication process (A->B, B->A), which I
know nothing about.

I am assuming you want to have the hosting companies server replicate from your local copy
of the database? If that is the case, starting and stopping the slave process is not
really an option (unless you have your own install of mysql). And of course if you do not
have a static IP address it would be a real pain in the behind ( since your hosting
company will probably be the one changing the slave access, unless of course you have your
own install )

Good luck


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> Hi
> Is it feasible to use replication to keep the database which powers my
> website up-to-date? The database itself is on the hosting 
> companies server
> and contacted via dialup so the connection isn't there all of 
> the time.
> Naturally I keep a copy of the database on my local machine too.
> Alex
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