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From:Thimble Smith Date:March 30 1999 10:35pm
Subject:Re: Support for IP Range/Netmask? (fwd)
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On Tue, Mar 30, 1999 at 03:13:20PM -0700, Derick H Siddoway wrote:
> Is there a reason that you can't generate the specific IP
> addresses in a script and load them into the database?

This sounds like a viable work-around, although it might be
harder to do than just implementing the requested functionality
in the MySQL server itself.

> Am I just off in left field here, or do others see mysql as
> I do: a great engine with bits and pieces left off here and
> there.

I see it similarly, but with a small difference.  It's a commercial
application.  TcX supports it, and you should be paying for that
support if you're using MySQL in a production environment.  As such,
it's very reasonable for someone who is paying for the software to
request modifications to be made.  And it's clear from the MySQL
web site that, if you pay enough, they'll move your requests up on
the TODO list proportionately.

The nice thing is that there are "non-conventional" ways of doing
this.  You can "pay" TcX a bonus by implementing that functionality
and contributing it.  If you contribute work that is of equivalent
worth (by TcX's standards) to a support license, you'll get
excellent support for free (or they'll give you free licenses, or

And, also, the MySQL developers are very open to suggestions even
from non-paying users.  Even if you haven't bothered to buy the
minimal license and you haven't contributed anything to the MySQL
community, they'll still gladly listen to your suggestions for
enhancing MySQL.  If it's simple, they'll quite often add it in
(follow this list for a while and you'll see what I mean).  It's
nice if the request is phrased as a request.  It's even nicer if
it's followed by something like, "I'd like to add this myself but
I don't know where to start."  You'll get lots of help with that.

> Especially something that begins to be a little esoteric,
> like this.  (C'mon, how many of us really lust after this
> enhancement?)

I agree that not many of the current MySQL users will use this
feature.  It's hardly an esoteric request, though - very many
TCP/IP applications include this sort of functionality.  And,
given its low overhead and relatively easy implementation, I
think it would be a nice addition to what anyone would consider
an already wonderful product.

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