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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 2 1999 8:54am
Subject:sum() bug in mysql 3.23.2-alpha
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>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Papadakis <markp@stripped> writes:

Mark> Hi!
Mark> I just downloaded 3.23.2-alpha
Mark> seems like sum() always return 0.I tried to it a few different tables and it
> always returned 0 or otherwise false data. 

Mark> I went back to 3.21 and it works just fine now.

Mark> Still 3.23.22 worked for like 2 hours without a crash wile 3.23.21 cant make it
> for more than 30 mins  :)

You can find a patch for the above in the MySQL email archive.  I hope 
to have 3.23.3 ready by tomorrow!

sum() bug in mysql 3.23.2-alphaMark Papadakis2 Sep
  • sum() bug in mysql 3.23.2-alphaMichael Widenius2 Sep